These are the real scenes of Tokyo created for Persona 5

A compilation of some of the locations of the new Atlus J-RPG.

The American portal Kotaku has presented a very curious initiative with the recent and successful Persona 5. Thanks to the help of social networks and some users based in Tokyo, have selected and compared some of the locations of the new video game of Atlus to corroborate that, indeed, a good note has been taken in terms of the designs of the J-RPG scenarios.

The result, as you can see in the following images, shown on the Source Gaming website, is an accurate representation of Tokyo, with some locations that have been copied in order to give more credibility to the software scenarios. Persona 5 has managed to become one of the most important releases made in this year 2017. The J-RPG was launched at the beginning of April.

At 3DJuegos we did something similar at the end of last year! Can you recognize the following scenario? SNK was based on the Esaka station, in Osaka, to recreate one of the most mythical settings from The King of Fighters 98.


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