This is how Wipeout Omega Collection is played on split screen

The racing game will feature local multiplayer for two players.

There are just a few weeks until the premiere of WipEout Omega Collection, the new exclusive speed video game from Playstation 4. The title, as in the best installments of the series in the hands of Psygnosis, has taken advantage of the re-release to have a split screen and enhance the multiplayer capabilities of the software. The PlayStation Access channel, official of Sony in the United Kingdom, has shown a small sample of its operation.

Unfortunately, they do not specify if the version they play of the compilation of Wipeout HD, Wipeout Fury and Wipeout 2048 runs on a PS4 Pro or a conventional PS4, so we cannot confirm that the split screen maintains 60fps in the first edition of the console. It has been confirmed, however, that the PS4 Pro version will allow the game to be viewed in HDR and in 4K. Wipeout Omega Collection It will hit stores on June 7.