This is how Resident Evil 7 was made: Capcom presents the first part of its documentary

Explain how the original concept of the seventh part of the franchise was arrived at.

Expectations with Resident Evil 7 they were very tall. Practically two months after its premiere we can confirm that it has lived up to expectations. There are a few thousand video games sold to reach the four million units that Capcom predicted in its initial forecasts, which would end up confirming the success in its goal of returning resident Evil to the survival horror after a few years of wandering around and flirting with action.

Some of the main artists and culprits of the success of the video game (among others, Masachika kawata, Koshi nakanishi or Jun Takeuchi) have spoken to the official Resident Evil channel on YouTube to review the different elements that were taken into account when creating the new Resident Evil 7. This is the first part of the documentary, no release date has been given for the following chapters, but they offer unpublished details about its development unknown to date.

The first chapter of the documentary has subtitles in Spanish. Resident Evil 7 was launched in Playstation 4, Xbox One Y computer last January 24th. Since its premiere, it has been updated with new content to expand what has been one of the most celebrated installments among followers of the classic horror of Capcom.

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