This is what Riverbond looks like, an action video game with a lot of indie charm

Shots with voxels and references to independent games mark this proposal for PC and consoles.

"Shoot and slash" is the term coined by those responsible for Riverbond to quickly define the video game, an action and shooting title with mechanics sometimes typical of a hack and slash in which the player, alone or in cooperative, has to go through dungeons at the same time. old fashioned way in a world of destructible voxel aesthetics.

"Riverbond, true to the spirit of dungeon exploration, embarks you on a journey through memorable worlds where you will fight monsters, search for treasures and become heroes. We want to channel the nostalgia of the games of the 16-bit era and add fast and fluid controls to maximize the action! ", Describe in the PlayStation blog those responsible, Cococucumber.

The study promises to offer a product with a lot of retro soul, and for this he bets on the presence of appearances for his characters taken from titles so remembered by the public such as Enter the Gungeon, Guacamelee !, Bastion and Psychonauts.

With a cooperative mode for four users, Riverbond is scheduled to launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this coming summer.

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