This is how God of War has changed since E3 2016

A video explores the differences between the new trailer and the first footage presented by Sony.

The YouTube channel of Cycu1 has published an interesting video that compares the graphics of the new God of War as it was presented at E3 2016 and the new trailer published yesterday by Sony, almost two years later.

Considering the development time that has passed between the two versions of the game shown, the changes were to be expected. It is not difficult to see some graphic differences between the two promotional materials that slightly cut the graphic level of the new adventure of Santa Monica Studio regarding the first contact. But not all changes are for the worse. While the settings seem to have lost some depth and contrast, Kratos' model shows better textures, which translates into a higher level of detail.

Related to this aspect, there is something that has attracted a lot of attention from fans. And is that Kratos' face seems to have been modified, losing some realism with respect to the 2016 footage, but gaining resemblance to the traditional model of the character in previous installments. For his part, Atreus seems to have taken advantage of the development time and shows a more defined personality and better animations.

One of the most criticized shots is the one with, presumably, Jörmundgander, the huge snake that we have already seen in the same scene, although in two different versions. The most recent has an obvious downgrade compared to E3 two years ago. Despite this, the graphic finish of God of War is still impressive, and what is shown in this new announcement will surely be very similar to what we will finally enjoy on PlayStation 4, although the game is still in development, just 120 days before their arrival at the stores.