This was the first attempt at making a The Witcher video game

Geralt of Rivia almost starred in a canceled title in 1997.

From the YouTube channel comes this very interesting document that recovers material from the first video game based on The Witcher saga. This Polish channel also interviews some of the members of the Metropolis Software, responsible for the project.

Developers Jarek Sobierski and Kacper Reutt explain that the game was canceled in 1997, despite already having a distributor, for being too ambitious. The approach of this unpublished The Witcher was that of an action and adventure title with a linear development and certain RPG touches, designed for an adult audience. Something that is quite reminiscent of the approach that I would later use CD Projekt Red, which acquired the license in 2002, and which today is quite common, but which was quite new at the time.

Sobierski and Kacper Reutt explain that they have tried to rescue the technical demo of that game, but that after compiling all the information on CD they have not been able to recover enough material to run it. In any case, they have managed to save enough material so that we can get an idea of ​​what this game could have looked like.

How would the gaming community have reacted if they had come to know Geralt wearing those purple pajamas? Of course, for CD Projekt Red, having the help of this sorcerer was a before and after in its own history.