This is the amazing collector's edition of God of War

The Stone Manson Edition is currently exclusive to GameStop in the United States.

Sony has presented a collector's edition of what is undoubtedly one of the star games in its catalog for 2018. It is the God of War: Stone Mason Edition, a spectacular edition that, for $ 149.99, accompanies the title with a typical metal box, a key ring of a talking head, an exclusive lithograph, a cloth map, small sculptures inspired by the software and an epic statue of Kratos and 23 centimeter Atreus.

Beyond the physical content, the desired Stone Mason Edition also includes downloadable content such as armor, shields or a downloadable called Defender of the Chosen Shield. An art book and a number of the publisher's comic have been added to the pack Dark horse, both in digital format. For now, the premiere of the collector's edition has not been finalized beyond the United States, a country in which GameStop will enjoy its exclusive distribution.

The new God of War does not yet have a release date on PlayStation 4. It is expected to hit stores next spring.