This is Razer's new arcade stick for Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Razer Atrox for Xbox One and Razer Panthera for PS4. It has Sanwa parts.

The most demanding Dragon Ball Fighter Z users will be able to access a new custom stick of Razer up to the highest competitive standards: the Razer Atrox Y Razer Panthera for Xbox One and PS4, respectively, with design inspired by the latest fighting game from Arc System Works inspired by the characters of Akira toriyama.

The sticks are prepared to be able to easily change any of its pieces to the taste of the competitors, but it has a lever and buttons Sanwa As standard, the best manufacturer of arcade machine parts on the planet. The interior of the stick includes a compartment for spare parts and a screwdriver to quell any unforeseen events.

In addition to the obvious stick design, inspired by one of the video game's promotional arts, it features buttons inspired by dragon balls. Its launch will take place this spring at a recommended price of 239.99 euros.