This was the original prototype of the first Nintendo DS

It differs from the model that it ended up launching on the market; It was shown at E3 2004.

One of the curious notes of the day: Kotaku has shared the images of the prototype of Nintendo DS that showed at the time the own Nintendo at the presentation of the then new portable generation in the already distant E3 2004. The images are from Evan Amos, the author of the Wikipedia console photos, who has uploaded some previously unpublished photos of the device on his personal Twitter account.

The surprising presentation of Nintendo DS in Los Angeles more than twelve years ago was given by the president of Nintendo America, Reggie fils-aime, and the then president of Nintendo, the ill-fated Satoru Iwata. He was presented with Metroid Prime HuntersIt could be played at the fair itself and its arrival on the market in the same 2004 for the American and Japanese markets was confirmed.

One of the most celebrated elements in its staging was its compatibility with Wi-Fi technology, something that seemed unthinkable on a portable console. On his arrival, he changed the appearance with which he was presented at the Los Angeles fair, and remained with the model that we all knew until the arrival of Nintendo DS Lite few years later.