Arslan: The Warriors of Legend to release demo in West in January

It will allow us to play a mission in this action game by Koei Tecmo.

On January 12, PlayStation 4 players in North America and Europe will be able to download the demo version of Arslan: the Warriors of Legend, which will give access to a mission from the first chapter of this hack'n slash action game developed by Koei Tecmo, as well as several of his tutorials.

The Japanese have taken the opportunity to also talk about another of the most interesting features of this game inspired by the manganime work of the same name. It is about the culinary skills of Elam, who will be able to cook various foods that will give our heroes special abilities before the start of each mission.

During the games it will therefore be necessary to find the pages of the recipe book that will give us access to more and more dishes to prepare.

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PS3 on February 9 in North America, and on February 12 in Europe. Nothing has been commented at the moment about the launch of this same demo version on the Microsoft console.