Apex Legends will present its second season at E3 2019

Electronic Arts summons users to EA Play 2019 to learn more about the game.

As the company has recently recognized, Apex legends is one of EA's capital brands today. The firm intends to continue giving priority to its battle royale in the coming months, and has specified that the next stop of the game will be in the EA Play 2019, the event that Electronic Arts will celebrate prior to E3 2019 in Los Angeles. There, the details of the second season of the game are expected, with "great and robust plans" for the software, as specified by its CEO, Andrew Wilson.

Among the expected novelties for the game are "more robust content for the Battle Pass, new legends and interesting evolutions of the game scenario." It did not offer more clues, so it will be time to wait for news of the title at the imminent E3. The software was in the news today, since EA has confirmed the objective of launching Apex Legends on mobile soon, something that would help it continue to expand its market in the coming months.
The title launched last February on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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