Apex Legends expels no less than 770,000 cheaters

Respawn is using all kinds of methods to hunt them down.

Despite Apex Legends losing its pulse and initial launch success, Respawn's hands aren't shaking when it comes to kicking players - this week, Jay Frechette (Community Representative) reports that 770,000 cheats they have already been banished from the King's Canyon. Many of them take their punishment thanks to the internal player report tool, but it is not the only method used to investigate unwanted players.

"We take cheating very seriously in Apex Legends, and we have a large number of resources covering the subject from various angles. It is a constant war with cheaters that we will continue to fight," reports Frechette. "We've been working closely with key EA experts, including EA's security team, those at Origin, our friends at DICE, FIFA, and Capital Games, as well as Easy Anti Cheat."

Additionally, Respawn warns that no less than 4,000 sellers have been expelled from cheating accounts in the last three weeks, as well as 300,000 fraudulent accounts blocked globally and the number of PC games hampered by this has been halved. type of behavior.

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