Apex Legends - Destroy Caustic's mines without them exploding

Avoid the trap of one of the most strategic legends.

As in any 'hero arena' or any other game where we share roles, Apex Legends could not miss a character that acts as a trapper. Yes that's it Caustic. Behind that gas mask hides the imp that mines the entrances and exits of buildings with toxic mines that put you at a disadvantage when crossing.

You can always fire those mines, although doing so simply detonates at a controlled distance. Anyone can see that smoke, and you may be forced to cross it, depending on the situation. Luckily, Dexerto has realized that it is actually possible to destroy the mine without exploding, and it is also super easy to do.

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The mine has three "rings" separated from each other by straps. If you look closely, the top two rings are greenish-brown, while the bottom one is orange. The ones above are very easy to shoot, but they make the mine explode and release gas. If you shoot the bottom one all the way down, the orange one, the mine breaks, but it doesn't release toxins. If you have to go over and on the run, it is your best asset.

They recently discovered a Caustic 'exploit' that allows you to block doors with mines, so you can surely try this little trick very often in the coming weeks. And if you did not know, well look, there you have another pearl of wisdom!