Just 1% of indie releases sell more than 3,000 copies

In 2017, nearly 8,000 video games were released on Steam alone.

Although each year there are more users on digital platforms such as Steam, it is also true that each month video game publication records are broken, perhaps causing market saturation. Through an interesting article published on the specialized portal Gamasutra, we have known a estimate how only 1% of indie releases they reach more than 3,000 copies.

The information, written by Adam Saltsman and collected by VidaExtra, is more dedicated to developers just starting in the sector and explains, between different topics, the complicated terms of publication. For example, the creator of a video game must know how the platform where it is sold will take approximately 30% of its profits, and how to reach an agreement with another publisher, it will take another similar percentage. These figures vary according to portal and / or distributor.

In his writing Saltsman explains the details of self-publishing as an alternative, according to his 10 years of experience, such as achieving less diffusion in addition to the risk of delegating these functions to developers. While adding how each study should look in depth at your situation and analyze what you need.

These and more issues should be taken into account when budgeting a video game. Thus, with half a million dollars to cover, the study will need an average of 30,000 units sold at 20 dollars. "We all want to get to those 300,000 copies, but planning a budget at that level of sales is a very big risk," he added.

As we said, the entertainment software market is adding more and more annual releases. In fact, in 2017 the 2016 record was broken again, reaching a total of 7,672 games, an average of 21 titles per day according to Steam Spy.