APB Reloaded unleashes its action on PS4

More than 5.8 million gamers have already enjoyed this F2P on PC and Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 players can now download, for free, All Points Bulletin Reloaded, the massively multiplayer action video game that pits vigilantes against criminals in a bloody war where anything goes.

The APB Reloaded action, which has long been released on PC and Xbox One, takes place in the city of San Paro, a metropolis ravaged by crime and a tense political environment. "The establishment of the Citizen Security Act has led to the creation of the Executors, some vigilantes licensed to take to the streets in an effort to stop the criminals, since the police could not do it, "says the official description of the video game." They see themselves as a group that fights for the good; however, the faction Criminal believes that the city and its freedom are being threatened. "

This intense fight has already been enjoyed by more than 5.8 million players around the world, who have invested more than 40 million hours of game to fight without quarter. In its leap to PS4, APB Reloaded is accompanied by a series of additional paid content such as new equipment, clothing, objects, vehicles and other customization elements.