A.O.T .: Wings of Freedom will have a titanic collector's edition in Europe for PlayStation 4

The Attack of the Titans game will also arrive on PlayStation 3, Vita, One and computers.

Koei Tecmo Europe has confirmed the arrival of the limited edition A.O.T. Wings of Freedom to European territory. Is called Treasure Box and it will contain a good handful of elements that will delight fans of Attack of the Titan. The editor has also pointed out that it is an exclusive for the console Playstation 4, although the game will end up coming out on Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PC.

What will gamers find on Sony's current generation console? An obvious copy of the game, an art book of the title, a scarf with the design of Eren, Mikasa and Levi, six badges with two different designs per character, a download for a special costume for Armin and the original soundtrack of the game. Users who pre-order the game, whatever the platform, will have access to two costumes for Eren and Levi.

When will you be able to enjoy A.O.T. Wings of Freedom? Next August 26. One of the great anime premieres in the video game world next summer.