AOC has a new off-road monitor for all budgets

A 31.5-inch IPS 1440p monitor with FreeSync.

AOC has introduced its new monitor, the Q3279VWFD8, with a 31.5-inch IPS screen and 1440p resolution that fits all pockets with a price of 250 euros. It looks a lot like another monitor in the house, the Q3279VWF, but in this case instead of a VA panel we went to IPS, which provides a more accurate color gamut and an overall better image. On the other hand, the refresh rate is 75 Hz, which, together with AMD's FreeSync technology, enhances the gaming experience. The bad thing is the range of the variable refresh rate, which only goes from 48 to 75 Hz, so if there are very sharp frame drops, the experience will lose a bit.

The panel has a 5 ms response from gray to gray and is 8 bits + FRC, so it simulates a 10-bit color, reaching 88% of the NTSC color gamut. This is well above what the vast majority of monitors typically offer: 72% of the color gamut. It does not have HDR, so it offers a common illumination of 250 cd / m2. The modest price is responsible, apart from the tight variable refresh rate, that not compatible with VESA mounts. In terms of connectivity, we find DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DVI and VGA, being compatible with FreeSync only the HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. It has a minijack port of all God's life, but it has no speakers. It's not as impressive as the 32:10 Samsung we talked about yesterday, but it is still a 1440p for 250 euros.