Firewall 0 Hour Announced for PlayStation VR

It is a 4 vs 4 action game for Sony virtual reality.

Sony has presented in the framework of the PlayStation Experience a new tactical action video game for its virtual reality glasses that responds to the name of Firewall 0 Hour. It is the work of the authors of ROM: Extraction, the study First Contact Entertainment, and will be available on PS VR throughout 2018.

Firewall 0 Hour is presented as a 4 vs 4 multiplayer action video game in the style of the most recent Rainbow Six Siege. During the fighting we can make use of various gadgets and traps with which to surprise our rivals. Of course, there will also be various firearms with which to deal with them.

This PS4 video game is compatible with the peripheral PS VR Aim Controller, released together with Farpoint, with which fans will have the feeling of fighting with a real weapon in their hands.