Anthem will look the same as in the announcement trailer

The imposing demo that was unveiled a year ago at E3 2017 will be representative of the end game.

BioWare announced at E3 2017 Anthem, its new sci-fi action IP. He did it with an impressive demonstration that made it look impressive graphical power, and it is something that has been questioned by fans in a Reddit thread in which the study itself has answered.

One fan specifically asked if the demo was representative of what the final game would look like, and Brenon holmes he answered briefly: "Yes, I'm sure you will have confirmation of it soon", anticipating some kind of news about the shooter for the next few times.

In addition, the member of the study himself also commented a very interesting thing about the operation of the Javelin as for how a person gets inside and how they pilot it. "When you are in a Javelin you are, in a way, kneeling. Your feet rest on a piece that is at the ankle level of the mecha. The compression of the leg is what allows the Javelin to have a lot of their explosive power in the movement".