BioWare's Anthem Targets March 2019 Release

Electronic Arts is "excited" about the new video game from the authors of Mass Effect.

March 2019. This could be the date chosen by Electronic arts Y BioWare to release the ambitious Anthem, the new action and role-playing video game developed by the authors of the Mass Effect saga, according to information provided by the head of EA, Andrew Wilson, during a talk with investors.

After confirming months ago that this ambitious action-role-playing game was delaying its launch in early 2019, there had been no further talk of an approximate date for the new BioWare. According to the information provided by Andrew Wilson, Anthem would go on sale in March next year.

In the last hours we highlighted the emotion that the video game had aroused within Electronic Arts, describing Anthem, "a social experience". The company responsible for large franchises such as Battlefield has extolled BioWare's game ability to "offer something totally new to a large audience of players, from a new universe with unique stories, to a cooperative experience, through a beautiful and epic environment that it will be constantly evolving around the players. "