Anthem: Telling a multiplayer story is "a challenge"

BioWare, experts in RPG narrative, talk about the "difficult problem to solve" that is this.

Mike gamble, one of the main production managers of Anthem, has spoken with the North American portal US Gamer about the challenges and challenges involved in telling a story for a multiplayer title such as the shooter that the guys from BioWare.

"I think what we want people to understand is that although Anthem seems very different from the games they have made in the past BioWareWe're still a very narrative studio, "stated Gamble, seconded by Mark Darrah, another of the game's executives."Everything revolves around the characters, and a good part of the experience is about meeting the people of their world and telling a story within this new way of doing things that we call 'our world, my story'. In other words, a shared world where the things of history happen ".

"Your true experience with history happens in Fort Tarsiswhere elections come to life and you have all that storytelling experience, "Darrah stated, before recalling a Gamble who spoke clearly about the" challenge "of telling a multiplayer story." It's a difficult problem to solve. How do you make a multiplayer game that has a great emphasis on co-op but, at the same time, allows you to tell a great story? You know, no one's nailed it yet. I think we have a good chance and that we are going to be able to get it, but it needs a lot of design cues nailed down from the beginning of the kind of 'okay, this is how you're going to do your missions and that's how you're going to complete your character development. .

The new Bioware game is one of the big stars of the 2019 catalog, specifically Anthem goes on sale on February 22, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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