AMD has restricted PCIe 4.0 on pre-X570 boards

If you want the benefits of 4.0, you have to renew the plate.

One of the benefits of the new batch of third-generation Ryzen processors is support for PCI Express 4.0 - a faster BUS protocol that paves the way for faster graphics cards and NVMe SSDs. Compatibility with this standard is assured for the new AM4 X570 boards, and until now motherboard manufacturers had the option of releasing BIOS updates for older boards to make compatibility possible, but AMD has changed their mind.

Although technically feasible enable PCIe 4.0 On previous models (especially the X470 and X370), the requirements for signal strength are so stringent that not all boards can carry the functionality. Therefore, AMD has indicated that this situation can lead to serious confusion, so it is working with manufacturers to remove compatibility. You can read the full logic of the decision in this Reddit thread.

If you spent the money on an X470 hoping to last a couple of years or more Without updating it, this will be a disappointment, but you have to remember that you can at least keep updating your CPU. Besides, today the PCIe BUS is not a very relevant bottleneck for current graphics. On the other hand, if you have already installed a beta BIOS patch to enable PCIe 4.0 on your motherboard, don't expect that no one is going to force you to withdraw it. Of course, perhaps the components you install do not work perfectly.

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