Amazon lists a new collector's edition of God of War for April

It has no relation to the Stone Mason Edition, announced last week.

We know that God of War, one of the most important exclusives to be released in Playstation 4 throughout this year, it will be released sometime during the first half of the year, but no one since Sony Interactive Entertainment or Sony Santa Monica has even dared to give a specific date for the arrival of the software. According to PlayStation LifeStyle, a new collector's edition of God of War has been put on sale at Amazon's American subsidiary in the United States with a very specific date: April 20, 2018.

Of course, and as it was known last week, the United States has its own collector's edition of God of War, the Stone Mason Edition, so it will be necessary to wait for news to know what the supposed edition announced by the digital store contains (there is no a single clue in the page tab) and when the premiere of the long-awaited return of Kratos will take place, officially. It was recently explained that God of War will not have a season pass or similar digital add-ons.