Alone in the Dark adds Wii and PS2 upon its return

Atari's survival horror expands its gaming platforms.

Conceived, or rather restricted at first for compatible and the next generation consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the return to life of Atari's survival horror, Alone in the Dark, will increase its versions to reach two appetizing gaming platforms not originally planned, PlayStation 2 and Wii.

Presumably the still tenacious success of PS2 and the excellent sales of Wii, will have been very taken into account to help make a decision that, under the development of Hydravision (creators of Obscure), will bring to these two consoles the same history and development that in its major versions, only adapted to the hardware and possibilities of each one; in the particular case of Wii, making use of its only control system.

At the moment, the launch date of the game for these two platforms has not been announced, although the PC and Xbox 360 versions will arrive approximately in March 2008, a little later the PlayStation 3 version and, supposedly at that time, the for Wii and PS2.

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