Alienation launches its local multiplayer on July 5

The Housemarque action game will also incorporate new features such as leagues.

The addictive Alienation will premiere on July 5 the long-awaited local cooperative multiplayer, which will allow fans of this PlayStation 4 action video game to enjoy its intense shootouts in the company of family and close friends. "Local cooperative mode allows up to four players to participate on the same screen, and to properly test those bonds of friendship, when you open the loot boxes, you will have to fight to see who gets it!" read on the official PlayStation blog.

The option comes as part of a great free content update that will also incorporate new features such as leagues, which consist of five ranks: each league cycle lasts one week, and in them we will be able to climb positions to "conquer glory and unlock colors of extra bullets in the process. "

Alienation will also introduce two new levels of difficulty, Expert and Master, as well as a much more complete experience in our ark ship, with new rooms, more difficult enemies and better loot.

All these novelties are offered in a free, although Alienation includes a Season Pass that gives access to special weapons and exclusive cosmetic improvements. From July 5 it will cost 7.99 euros.