Activision believes that mobile phones in the next generation will be as powerful as Xbox 360 or PS3

"One of our goals will be to deliver the deep, immersive experiences our company has been renowned for."

In 3DJuegos we have recently had the opportunity to meet with Gordon hall Y Greg Canessa, respectively chief creative officer and vice president of Activision Mobile, and we have chatted with them about the future of the mobile video game and about the news of the recently created study of the North American company.

"In short, we see the world of mobile phones and tablets as a tremendous opportunity for Activision," explained Canessa. "We are confident in the growing capabilities of the CPUs and GPUs in these devices, which are continually evolving."

"In our opinion, these devices will be for the next generation as powerful as the consoles we currently have"He assured." One of our greatest objectives, in this sense, will be to offer the immersive and deep experiences for which our company has been recognized. It is something that we hope to begin to achieve in the next 6 or 12 months. "

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