Guerrilla Speeding Towards Horizon 2? The study doubles staff

The Dutch team, also parents of the Killzone saga, continue their recruitment phase.

Something moves in the guts of Guerrilla Games. If a couple of days ago we told you that they signed the Deus Ex scriptwriter to lend his pen to their different projects, this time we are talking about a notable increase in staff in the Dutch studio that makes us think that they already have a full lung type of development.

The news has emerged through an announcement of change of facilities by the company that has created the Killzone saga or the most recent Horizon: Zero Dawn, and which reveals that in recent times the hiring has skyrocketed so that its number of employees pass from 250 people to the current ones 400.

These peaks of workers are usually reached when pre-production stages are abandoned and a video game begins to be developed firmly, but… which one could it be? At the moment there are no clues, but recently they assured 3D Games not being Killzone-centric, which would practically leave us in the hands of the long-rumored Horizon 2.

Will Killzone: Shadow Fall then be the last game in its series of shooters? Will we soon see a new adventure of Aloy? Questions that, at the moment, have no answer.

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