Ace Attorney brings his animated series to Steam

The 24 episodes of its first season can be purchased, as a launch offer, for 8.16 euros.

A-1 Pictures has released the first season of the Japanese animated series on Steam Ace attorney, based on the well-known saga of Capcom, and as a launch offer, its 24 episodes can be purchased for 8.16 euros. Those who wish can also purchase the episodes individually for 0.99 euros each, although there is also a launch offer, which temporarily leaves its price at 0.49 euros.

At the moment the series, which premiered in Japan last year 2016, is only available with Japanese voices and English subtitles. In it the adventures of the Phoenix wright, which must deal with all kinds of judicial tricks in order to prove the innocence of its clients.

Fans of the saga will discover that some of the episodes portray the stories we live in the classic Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice fo All.