Action, punching and racing! First trailer for Speed ​​Brawl

This promising 2D video game is scheduled to debut on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

The team of Double Stallion Games has released the first video gameplay of Speed ​​Brawl, a 2D action video game that stands out for putting us in the shoes of various heroes who will not stop running through scenarios full of dangers and enemies to crush with flying punches and kicks.

Described as a two-dimensional racing and fighting game, Speed ​​Brawl proposes us to create a team of six fighters with their respective special skills and specific play styles, being able to alternate their control during the course of the game or, well, take advantage of their skills to kill the most powerful enemies.

To give the video game more depth, we can also equip the heroes with different special combat tools while we enjoy chaining blows of all kinds, which also include assisted movements and concatenated attacks.

Speed ​​Brawl is scheduled to release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch next September.