A Debate: Far Cry 5, AC Origins ... Has Ubisoft washed its image?

Is the shadow of Assassin’s Creed Unity still heavy, or have people already trusted Ubi again? We discussed the status of the publisher.

Bugisoft. Does it sound familiar? A term with which many fans know the French company. To this day, derogatory words are still used to speak of Ubisoft but, instead, his latest releases have been well received by critics and fans. Is it enough to erase the shadow of some badly finished games like Assassin's Creed Unity or blatant downgrade cases like Watch Dogs? The 3DJuegos staff debate whether the French company has already erased the negative image they have from recent launches of high quality and really polished open world products from fans' heads.

YES - Alberto Pastor

Talking is easy, anyone can promise the impossible and stay so comfortable, but things are proven with facts and, I think, in recent years Ubisoft has proven to be an exemplary company. Yes, there was a moment when we were saturated with Assassin's Creed; a time when they only talked about its failures, its lack of inspiration, its repetitive game mechanics ... which we also saw in other of its franchises!, and that takes its toll. He is still doing it, but with nuances. I'm not so gullible as to think that, all of a sudden, people are going to stop using memes or creating videos with the funniest bugs of Assassin's Creed on duty, but friend Álvaro, I think you should start drinking spirits like a good whiskey to have a more optimistic view of the world. That I see you too rancid!

Ubisoft has started a path that is difficult not to get excited about and that is already being noticed among fans. Rainbow six siege, or check out the Assassin's Creed Origins reviews, or easier! Tell me what you think of Far Cry 5. And yes, I know, I know; You are one of those who has always defended the quality of Ubisoft games above any silly fault, but do you really not notice a change in attitude among the players? The Assassin's Creed year off, the statements of the company's main executives, the continuous commitment to launch free additional content to keep the user community active, their commitment to games with indie spirit! Obviously there will continue to be malicious comments, jokes and memes, but Ubisoft has started a path with which it is difficult not to get excited and that is already being noticed among fans.

There are just a few weeks to E3, and they have already unveiled some of their big bets, but Ubisoft always has an ace up its sleeve. The Division 2 or the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil are works that arouse passions, but what can you tell me if, as is rumored, they present a new Splinter Cell? What if finally surprise with a Prince of Persia? Not forgetting any new creative license That they can present like that, as the one who does not want the thing, because Ubisoft makes good use of all their franchises, but they have never stopped creating new ones and that, in the end, earns you a positive reputation. Have they made mistakes? Yes; and I think they have already paid for them. A wave of optimism has washed over the fans, and at this moment it is hard not to get excited about any project in which the company responsible for Rayman and many other memorable titles is embarking. Join the wave!

NOT - Álvaro Castellano

No, figurine. You have not washed your image. And I have it very clear. In fact, give me four minutes of your busy life and I'll explain why. I have to start by making it clear that the loudest fan on the Internet is generally the least informed. Something like a ... "I have not tried this game, but I am going to complain screaming as loud as I can so it doesn't show." What does that have to do with what we are discussing? In the end, many times social networks, YouTube comments or the magazine's forums are full of messages from people who have not tried anything Ubisoft has done in the last two years, but who criticize them as if it were their buyer number 1. That means that things as attractive as the phenomenal Assassin's Creed Origins or the recent Far Cry 5 have been lost, or that they are not aware of the great post-launch support that shooters like Rainbow Six Siege or The Division have had, showing that the publisher not only releases good games but also pampers their subsequent content (free or not) so as not to lose fans.

The damage has already been done and it does not matter that this has led to more transparent developments than in any other distributor. What fuels your hatred? Arno's absent face in Assassin's Creed Unity running around like wildfire did more damage to Ubisoft than five suspense-deserving video game releases would have done. And that, how many people of whom the faceless image of Arno moved had actually seen it? Very little. Ubisoft already clarified that it was something very specific, practically linked entirely to PC and with some very specific graphics card models that, for some reason, did not render the skin texture correctly. Did it matter? Not at all, it seemed like everyone had seen it on their own screen. Nothing happens, the damage has already been done and it does not matter that this has caused developments that are more transparent than any other distributor: showing gameplays practically from the moment of the announcement. Assassin's Creed Unity was wanted by the annual character of the saga as Mass Effect Andromeda was recently had, whose expressionless faces were the laughingstock of the network for months and caused harassment to some of its employees, mainly, for the mere fact of being from Electronic Arts. That's what we have come to.

Alberto, I love your innocence and it helps me to tease you often, but here you are wrong, crack. Many users neither forgive nor forget, and on the Internet it is much easier to hate than to praise. That Ubisoft had earned a severe "wiggle" in sales after launching Unity in that state and after retreating so much in the graphics with Watch Dogs? Totally agree. In fact, it was paid for commercially by the otherwise notable Assassin's Creed Syndicate. That he does not deserve the constant stoning campaign that he has been subjected to since then? It is also clear to me. And, the million dollar question, what if things will change in the short term? I doubt it, there are people who are tough-minded, and words like Bugisoft are already part of the collective imagination to make eliminating them a simple task. It's easy to hate Ubisoft right now.