8 video games that as difficult as it may seem you can finish in less than 10 minutes

If you don't have much time, there are games that you can complete in a matter of seconds.

Enjoying our favorite video games is one of the greatest pleasures that players have. As in some titles, the time we have often becomes our worst enemyThat is why the other day we took advantage of the fact that we are in summer to propose several especially long games that you can complete now better than on other dates.

However, there are those who have much less time to play, so today we take a look at 8 games that you can beat in less than ten minutes! Some like Portal require skill, while others force us to know each and every one of its secrets to perfection, as is the case with Two Worlds. Ready for a quick game?


The Witness This puzzle game from the creator of Braid is relatively long, as it proposes to explore an island by overcoming hundreds of puzzles. However, there is a certain way to see the credits and an alternative ending in just 30 seconds and without leaving the tutorial area.


Untitled Goose Game "The game of the goose", as some would say, was one of the surprises of last year. The only objective is to advance by annoying the humans at the controls of a goose through small puzzles. Once you know them, it is perfectly possible to overcome it in just over two minutes.


Minit Saving the world in 60 seconds is the only purpose of Minit. The games last that, one minute and the counter resets at the end. Over and over again, maintaining the most relevant progress for the future of history. There are people who have completed it in just over seven minutes.


Gone Home Fullbright surprised everyone in 2013 with one of the most successful walking simulators. Gone Home was a highly acclaimed narrative title, and its proposal has a trick: once you know the steps to follow it can be completed in 60 seconds There is even a trophy for it!


Portal Valve's fantastic puzzle title is a favorite of speedrunners. And it is that, here we do not use cheats or force errors in the game; It can be completely overcome in less than 10 minutes and achieving it depends solely and exclusively on our ability and reflexes.


Two worlds It is not very common that we can finish an RPG in a matter of minutes without using tricks. That is why it is surprising about Two Worlds, which allows us to reach the end in the town of Komorin, hitting a wizard present there and forcing his response to kill an NPC who happens to be the final boss!


Strider A Capcom classic. He debuted in 1989 and in 2014 he had a reboot. Although its average duration is around an hour, we can resort to a little trick to make it just a few seconds. Of course, it requires memorization and the ability to jump screens left and right.


Far cry 5 The fifth installment in the popular Ubisoft franchise can go over 40 hours ... or just 10 minutes. There is no trick that works; the key is in an anticipated ending that we can unlock by making a certain decision during the prologue. The one with trouble that saves you, right?

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