7 tips to get off to a good start in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Getting Started Guide for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Far Cry 5 has arrived! The new from Ubisoft proposes us to travel to Montana (United States) to deal with Joseph Seed and his sectarians of the Door of Eden. Or as the marshal would say, the "little bitches." Whether you are just starting out or are waiting for the weekend to release the game, this Far Cry 5 guide is for you: it includes a list of tips that we consider key to unlock things faster when you play, or at least take better advantage of the activities proposed by the game.

If you have not yet decided to get hold of the video game and want to know what we thought about it, we suggest that you take a look at our analysis of Far Cry 5.

1. Unlock Inventory Slots Unlike previous Far Cry installments, in Far Cry 5 you don't expand your inventory space by creating sacks out of animal skins. Instead, you will need to complete certain challenges to earn skill points and spend them where you are most interested. Well, precisely the inventory spaces They should be your first bet.

For what reason? You start the game with room for a melee weapon, pockets for grenades, and a couple of gun holsters; but the combat of FC5 is somewhat more demanding than what Ubisoft has us used to, and there will be times when you think "if only I had that weapon with me ..." then you don't want it! Invest in your inventory and you will appreciate it in the long run.

2. Make quick money hunting and fishing

After the previous point, you probably think "what is the use of hunting animals, if their materials no longer serve you?" It is true that it is not necessary to kill them to create new objects, but they pay very well. So you probably want to invest some points in King of Fishing: if you share a fishing position with the fishermen you find, you can surely make a thousand dollars in a few minutes. The best places to fish are probably Bull Trout, Kokanee Salmon, and Chinook Salmon.

You will have to pay attention to the type of bait you use, yes: as it happens in real life, not all fish bite the same fishing fly. You will find a fishing shop north of Dutch Island, in Jacob's territory.

When it comes to land animals, pay attention to the environment, and if you see a warning sign with an animal icon, you will be entering their hunting ground. There is an ability to double the loot you find from the animals you hunt, so you can also earn double the rewards.

3. The Inestimable Help of Nick Rye As you may well know, there are several unlockable characters you can call in Far Cry 5 to give you a lead when you need it most. One of your best options is without a doubt the pilot Nick Rye, who will be able to eliminate the enemy you indicate from the air. After completing your personal mission, you will be able to deploy airplanes on your own, although sometimes you will have to deal with Edenist pilots, too.

4. Open Loot Trucks Every now and then, you will see white trucks with the Eden Gate logo crossing Hope. They contain valuable cargo, but you may not really know how they open. And it may seem silly, but it is important to realize that after the driver has died, it is necessary to use the yellow mechanism by the doors. Interact with him to open the doors and loot whatever you want.

5. Ways to open a safe From the first few minutes you spend in Far Cry 5, you will realize that there will often be closed doors that cut you off. Well, the mechanics of opening things locked with a key does not only apply to doors, but also to safes. The difference is obvious, right? The latter generally store loot.

Well, here's the surprise: you don't necessarily need a key to open the box: you have other alternatives. The easiest and fastest is to unlock the locksmith skill, and in normal conditions we would tell you that you should invest points in this from the beginning. The reality, on the other hand, is that you can use dynamite to blow up the safe door, so it's a decision we leave in your hands.

6.You don't have to spend on microtransactions

If you take a look at the in-game store, you will find cool weapons, vehicles and clothing. As you probably expect, the price is marked in silver bullion, which is the 'premium' currency in the game. Of course, we respect that everyone spends their money on whatever they want, but it is important to note the fact that silver bars can also be found within the game itself like any other loot, and if you jump from one safe house to another , it is likely that in half an hour you will have enough money to buy something from the store.

Something similar also happens with weapons and vehicles: those sold in the store are prestige versions, or what is the same, 'skins'. The regular versions are available for in-game dollars, and we've already covered some ways to fatten up your wallet.

7. Don't forget the side missions

Bull testicles. Yes, you read it right. There is a side quest in Far Cry 5 about bull testicles that consists of letting the cattle mate with music by Marvin Gaye playing in the background and then cutting off the shame of the male. No, we don't understand who would want to do something like that in real life or in a video game, but this example leaves little room for doubt: Ubisoft has been keen on side missions.

And we talk about lifelong secondary schools, the ones that have their unique dialogues and numbers. For that alone you should play them, but besides that they are a very reliable source of money and weapons. Even if the companion missions in the Far Cry series have never quite convinced you, don't ignore the ones in this installment.