6 tips for you to get the most out of your Days Gone motorcycle

The motorcycle is the most faithful ally of Deacon St. John discover here how to get the most out of it.

Surely you already know. The great attraction of Days Gone is the motorcycle of the main character. A vehicle that becomes an extension of our hero in the sinister and dangerous world of the game and that, in addition, you can customize, enhance and modify a lot in order to improve our relationship with her. Have you understood the importance of the motorcycle? Well, go ahead, it's time to squeeze it thoroughly.

Here are six tips to get the most out of your Days Gone bike.

Fuel: Black Gold!

It's one of the main things to do in Days Gone, and that is that part of survival includes the motorcycle itself. Of course, every kilometer you travel with it takes its toll on your fuel supply, so managing it correctly is capital.

¿Fast recommendations?
  • The main missions they do not consume fuel. Don't be afraid to step on them!
  • There are many things in the trunks, but there is never fuel.
  • He fast travel It consumes much more gasoline than piloting yourself, avoid it whenever you can.
  • Dropping down the slopes in neutral is a great way to save fuel.
  • If you see a crane, go for it. They always have a gas can!
  • All the NERO camps They have a gasoline can in the vicinity.
  • The main missions do not consume fuel. Don't be afraid to step on them!
  • You will end up having money left over. Don't leave a campground without spending it on filling the tank.

Maintenance: take care of her like a child

You have to be aware of gasoline, of course, but also keep in mind that the blows can damage your vehicle very seriously. In this way, having a good supply of parts in Deacon's inventory is key to avoiding any type of eventuality, of course.

The best sources of parts are the hoods of the cars Of course, the best advice is to try to crash as little as possible, but that is a bit obvious and we can offer you some much more useful ones. For example, there are parts in the most unexpected places, but the truth is that the best source of parts is the front hoods of the cars. If you go on the bike and you notice that they are not as fine as they should, surely the last blow you have given has left it touched. You don't even need to get off. Use Deacon's tracking ability to locate if there might be something worthwhile in a group of cars,record them all!

Also, as we have recommended with the gasoline part, remember that you will end up with a lot of money left over in the second half of the game. A good way to spend it is that, in the workshop of each base, you spend a few dollars to leave with the motorcycle set up and at 100% of its condition.

The Turbo and the Drift: Great Allies

The turbo. Source of disappointment! For one thing, it's clear that wearing it often is nothing short of suicide. Unless we are on a main mission, where it is worth "pulling" it frequently since there is no fuel consumption, the turbo is a real tank eater.Why is it there then? Familiarize yourself with it, since its use is essential on more than one occasion.

On the one hand, because it comes in handy to correct. Remember that on many occasions you are going to drive your motorcycle on changing surfaces, and that the scenery is very steep. In short, that you are going to lose control many times. In order not to finish doing it at any time, the turbo and skid combo they are really good. Using them conveniently can help you avoid falling down a slope or, as we say, never lose the traction of your two wheels.

The other differential element? Before a horde, the turbo is capital. In fact, I recommend that you do not venture into one of these undead waves until you have the turbo unlocked. Being able to get out of a situation that has turned ugly unexpectedly is much easier with this little help.

What am I interested in improving?

There are seven aspects in which you can enhance your motorcycle, and depending on your style some are more useful than others. But there are some tips that I can give you regarding which ones you want to unlock more quickly. For example, knowing the consumption involved in using the turbo, I would not bother unlocking it until I had greatly enhanced the size of the tank so as not to empty it in a matter of seconds.

Likewise, maybe at first you are interested, to put the case, improve engine to increase speed. Or if you have a very aggressive driving style and are prone to accidents, it would be nice to take a look at the frames that increase the robustness of your vehicle.

Of course, the distances in Days Gone are so long that you may spend a long time without going through the base. What does this mean? That you will have to live off the ammunition you find. In normal difficulty level it is not a problem, because the game is usually generous in the equipment it gives you, but in difficult it can get a little tricky. To do this, as soon as you can get hold of saddlebags to carry ammunition, do it. Its operation is similar to the horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. Simply, if we get closer we can reload our supplies.

Beware of Traps

The body asks to run, always. It sure happens to you as much as it does to me. But when you fall into traps several times, you will begin to become familiar with the moments when you must run and the parts of the scene where it is advisable to be a little more cautious.

Why do I say it? It will be common for you to find some human traps. Despite the fact that they are daylight, it is very difficult to see what they consist of since they are usually as subtle as a rope that crosses the road and that is ready to throw us to the ground. These people want our photo and they know what it does!

As I say, let's learn the hard way. But, little by little, you will identify which groups of cars are dangerous or which two trees are perfect to have a trap tied between them. In them we will go a little more slowly and, thus, it will be easier to identify where we are most vulnerable and, on the other hand, we will avoid what may unbalance us.

Ah! But if you go too slow, watch out for the jumping zombies. They can throw you easily. The key is in balance!

How to operate in a tunnel?

A tunnel can be a blessing or a real nightmare. If we arrive with the motorcycle it gets dusty, it comes in handy since they are full of cars to scrap that, however, house many parts inside that we can re-fish to fix our vehicle. However, "tunnels are dark and harbor horrors", and it is easy to end up dying more than once inside one.

Advice? There are times when crossing them is unavoidable, but if it is one of the long ones and you don't see the bottom, it is almost more advisable to get off the bike and go slowly cleaning threats than to try to cross it by force. It may have some very narrow part where you have to go very slowly so as not to get stuck and, if you are not prepared, there you can be fast food for the freakers.