5 Nintendo fan creations you can't miss

Precious tributes that you will want to have in your home. Prepare the portfolio!

Turn your Nintendo Switch into a Super Nintendo? A joke! Nintendo It is one of the most beloved companies in the world. Hence, many users take the license to create their own tributes by hand, turning classic consoles and accessories into true works of art. Today in 3D Games we wanted to review some of our favorite creations to showcase their talented authors and show you their incredible skills.

Are you ready? Keep your wallet away: a few hundred euros separate you to get some of these creations.


Zelda's NES Mini Author: Vadu Amka

The manufacturing of the NES Mini was recently concluded, and these days it is difficult to get one, but it is not as difficult a challenge as to get a NES Mini as great as Vaduamka's. He based the design on the first The Legend of Zelda, and the result is a true spectacle. Do not hesitate to visit their page to find some unrepeatable creations.


Mario Kart 64 Nintendo 64 Author: Zoki 64

The metallic finish, the sleek black and red of the deck ... the Zoki 64 console may not be one of the most viewed custom decks in recent years, but that doesn't make it any less stylish. A capital piece that would fit into the collection of any fan of the Kyoto brand. Awesome.


Arcade Stick from Super Mario Bros. Authors: Batch Arcade

The best components on the market in a Spanish creation. The Madrilenians of BatchArcade are dedicated to the manufacture of arcade machines and arcade furniture, hence the present creation delights fans of retro games. The original Super Mario Bros. has been chosen for this stick.


The PikaBoy Color Author: Eforie

Game Boy Color dresses up as Pikachu. It is not strange: the launch of Pokémon revitalized the portable console of the Japanese company, and the mere premiere of Color was a circumstance created by the own work of GameFreaks. It's not that it's just a yellow Game Boy, it's that it has all the details of the mythical Pokémon number 25.


The golden NES Author: Analogue

An old acquaintance of 3DJuegos: $ 4,999 cost a precious console finished in gold that may be one of the most exclusive pieces ever made in the territory of 8-bit consoles. Its incredible finishes make it a luxury piece. An unrepeatable work.

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