5 tips for your first steps in Metro Exodus

Artyom's new adventure is a challenge, and if you want to face it, we encourage you to read these recommendations.

Video games like the ones you sign 4A Games they have a differential factor. They are very demanding for the average player, and usually require a certain command of their arsenal, their accessories and also their particular playable dynamics. They are titles intended for a very specific audience, who like aggressive and challenging survival experiences. However, with this title, its managers also want to leave a little margin for new users to approach the brand. Is Metro Exodus the most accessible game in the series? Of course, but as we told you in the analysis of Metro Exodus, it does not lose an iota of the formidable challenge levels that it has had in previous installments if we opt for the highest difficulties.

Do you want to get started in the Metro saga with this video game? Or are you a veteran of the IP, but need to refresh concepts? In this special you will find Five key tips to get you started on your Metro Exodus journey.

Plan carefully Deciding the tactic is essential

It has always been important to equip yourself in the Metro series. Normally there was a very relevant factor when preparing everything that we were going to take with us on the trips between the subway stations. Here the sensation is similar, but it is multiplied by the factor of open world of some of the chapters of the title, which allow you to go back and forth. The arsenal of the camps stores all our weapons, but we can only carry three (one of each type), so you have to choose them very carefully.

The ideal? If you want advice, I would recommend opting for the maximum versatility if you go against humans. With the third weapon, the one that if you play with a pad is activated by holding the change button, is the most limited, but with the rest you do have more alternatives. If you leave the tertiary for a good distance, for example equipped with a telescopic sight with night vision, that leaves you room for the rest to try to get something compensated; with a cropped and an automatic, for example. In the case of creatures? Brute force and short range, since the action with them is much more direct and requires less consideration.

Pamper your team Have everything tightly tied before leaving the shelter

Almost every chapter, whether linear or open-world, begins with our steps in the refuge (train or real camp), and that means that, as I have told you in the previous point, we must define well what we are going to take with us. How customize weapons And what accessories to put on them is something that I leave entirely to your free choice, since at the end of the day it is about adapting them to our liking. What is not open to discussion is that gadgets do not allow such flexibility, and neither does the tuning of the arsenal.

Quick tips? Remember to clean your three weapons before leaving. Forever. For this you will need chemical products, so of course turn to combing all the scenarios to find them, but turn your attention especially to those "green setites", of a slightly healthy radioactive color that the scenarios sow. They are fundamental. The same goes for the gas mask. Keep it pointed, because in combat it will crack with the damage and you will start having to put pieces of tape on it, covering your vision. Dating her immaculate is a good start. And pay attention to the clock counter that indicates the oxygen time, but don't betray you. It alerts you with a loud beep when there is one minute left, but… one minute is a whole world! Don't panic and dump oxygen loads like crazy, try to squeeze it out until there are only seconds left.

So, don't forget to pack a good handful of filters because some missions are particularly long in terms of damaging areas and if you fall short, you may not have to turn back. The same I tell you for the flashlight or night vision goggles (the latter eat up the battery, by the way). Here you can be more versatile, since you can charge them on the fly, but if you leave home with your work done, you will save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Attentive to the clues that the world gives you Day and night, changing weather ...

In Metro Exodus you have to take everything into account, especially in the chapters characterized by the greatest freedom. In the most linear ones, what there is is what there is, and you don't have much control over anything that happens, but in the rest you can try to take advantage of the world around you to a greater extent. For example, by the night The creatures that roam the world are much more ferocious and dangerous, but human adversaries have a more difficult time locating you and, in addition, you may run into guards snoozing and off guard. By day it is the opposite, there are fewer beasts and mutants but visibility is much easier for bandits and members of organized groups.

In the shelters There is the possibility of resting for a few seconds, drinking some liquid to replenish energy and continue our journey, but pay all your attention to your goals to decide if you need to sleep to let the hours pass. You may find a mission easier at night than during the day, so that is a factor to watch. And if things change, a piece of advice that we will develop below, but that also has its projection in the weather: Settle in, even a sand or snow storm can be perfect to make you go unnoticed.

Adapt constantly Use everything to your advantage… even the inconveniences!

Metro Exodus is a game that forces you to constantly change your strategy, mainly because it doesn't leave you alone and it doesn't allow you to settle down either. This forces you to be very attentive to the stage, not only to solve some small puzzle (very simple) or to find things that may be useful, but also to get the most out of it. Keep in mind that a stealth death can save you a lot of ammunition, and if the environment does not allow it because it is a very well lit area you can use your own hands to extinguish light bulbs or candles, or even your firearms to break them and disable them and create an environment of shadows in which you feel more comfortable. Keep in mind that your watch shows you how visible you are, so use that information to your advantage as well.

On the other hand, it is easy that you do not take down an enemy with one shot. But it is quite possible that, at least, you will knock him down. If you are at a reasonable distance, it is worth getting closer to the race and trying to land one or two. cylinder head blows (no more), because you might just kill him and save a lot of ammo.

What will be extremely useful, especially in shootings, is playing with helmets. On the one hand, because the sound it is more important in this Metro than in previous installments and, on the other hand, because it will allow you to hear the enemies and the instructions that are given between them more clearly. It seems silly, but it is not at all, and they tend to give you very useful clues about what they are going to do or if they more or less intuit where you are. It is another weapon that you must use.

The important thing is to enjoy Adjust the difficulty to your actual level

This may be blasphemous to older Metro players, but this special is intended more for those who need advice than those who are a veteran. In this sense, the key to the video game is its enjoyment and, of course, if we are not comfortable with the level of difficulty with which we start our journey, we can modify it on the fly. In other video games, it remains unchanged from the beginning to the end of the adventure or, at least, forces us to repeat the chapter. Here it can be modified without restrictions in any situation, either to raise or lower it.

This affects the behavior of the enemies, makes them more aggressive or less, and also both the damage they do to us and the damage we do to them with our weapons. Don't be afraid to mess with it and fiddle around with it until you get an experience that is hard, the only way to enjoy the game 100% is to be a little anxious at all times, but also to adapt to you and allow you to enjoy it.