3DJuegos and its entire team wish you Merry Christmas!

Our best wishes for these holidays. May they give you lots of games!

Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. Christmas!! For one or a thousand reasons, a spectacular moment. Encounters with family and friends, indulgence of nougat and sweets, laughter, beautiful conversations, gifts, hugs, movies that are repeated every year, mothers-in-law, uncomfortable people in the elevator, cold, more uncomfortable people, too much food ... Stop! And… More time to dedicate to our favorite hobby, videogames!

The same thing happens every year (or almost), but at 3DJuegos we love it! The same as wishing you all an extraordinary and happy Christmas season. But hey, let's try not to get too sentimental (sniff, sniff) and continue with another usual tradition in 3DJuegos during these dates: worship the best of the year in video games. How? Well with our 3DJuegos Awards 2016 in which from now on you can vote for the best releases of 2016, a peculiar year that has practically had everything and for all tastes. The categories and all the nominees are now available, and the result of what you vote will be published on December 31st.

And what is missing from this tradition? Yes, prizes! Here they go: Just for participating you can take a PS4, an Xbox One, a 3DS or an excellent graphics card for your PC. Okay, we're not Santa Claus, but we're kind of cool, right?

We wish you a Merry and very Playable Christmas!

The 3DJuegos team