20 keys to surviving in Blackout, the battle royale of CoD: Black Ops 4

Battle royale veteran? In this guide, we get you ready for Blackout.

100 go in, 1 go out. Does it sound familiar? Of course: it is the condition that defines the growing fashion for battle royale. This year, Treyarch and Activision claim their share of the pie with Blackout, BR mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, And the first in the series! At this point, we can hardly believe that you have not played some games in PUBG or Fortnite, so we are starting from the fact that you have experience in the genre, even if only the basic ones. In this Black Ops 4 guide, we will review the points that differentiate CoD from other similar games, and how to get the most out of them.

If you have not yet played the fashionable war shooter and you want to contrast opinions before making it or not, we recommend that you take a look at the analysis of Call of Duty: Black Ops IV. There you will find more information about Blackout and the rest of the modes that round off the game, this is competitive multiplayer and zombies. Come back when you're ready. Ready? Well let's go there.

This is how the intermediate level CoD Claves battle royale works to survive.

Think a little before you fall

We started with something easy: falling from the helicopter. Do not worry, we do not want to give you the tabarra with that of "look for the best place and quickly get a weapon ..." because by now you will know it very well. We're just going to make sure you know a couple of cool tidbits in this field.

First, the training area is not just for roaming around shooting other players without doing damage: you can also drop the map there directly and start thinking about the ideal landing zone before you even get into the helicopter. Second, that the map is relatively compact and you flight suit gives you to fly very far; So don't be afraid to choose an absurdly distant location from the start. Third and last, if you pay a little attention to the interface you will see that while you fall there is a button that allows you to rotate the camera without altering the trajectory of your character. This is very useful to see where your opponents fall, because you may want to change your mind if you see that there are three or four parachutes behind going to the same place as you ...

Gadgets, power-ups and vehicles

In addition to the weapons, armor, backpacks, accessories and healing materials that you will be sick of seeing, in Blackout you will find a complete collection of gadgets that will make things much easier for you and that are easy to miss if you come with the ' PUBG chip 'preloaded. Ironically, many of these items can and do make the difference between a winner and a loser.

Make sure you read the description of each item carefully and don't hesitate to try something you find to see how it behaves in the first few games. Some gadgets will be familiar to you if you've played competitive mode because they appear as specialist abilities (like the Sensor Grenade or Wire Rope) and others are different. The RC-XD, for example, is used as the radio-controlled spy in Rainbow Six: Siege, but you can do weird things like mount it on an enemy vehicle, equip it with a motion sensor, or have eyes on a key building at the end of the game. departure.

Vehicles also have peculiarities: for example, trucks only emit black smoke if someone is driving them; some rocket launchers can target vehicles to launch a homing missile, and helicopters, unlike other objects, have preset spawn points.Keep these little things in mind in your games, because they might help you. Curiosity is key to understanding.

Zombies are the 'midgame' of the game

Surely you already know that zombies also appear in the blackout mode, although almost all of them are confined to specific areas of the map (such as the psychiatric hospital). They may just seem like a wink or something occasionally funny, but the truth is that that is far from the truth: they are important and have a lot of depth in Blackout.

Zombies is synonymous with loot. There are chests containing random weapons as a reward for those who clear the undead zone, and if you see a blue beacon In the sky, make no mistake: there is a mysterious chest waiting to be claimed. The fun is that zombies pose a greater threat than you expect.

Each time the circle shrinks, the zombies get stronger and get more health. Killing the poor devils that surround a mysterious chest in the last minutes of the game is quite a challenge, especially if you go alone. But you shouldn't go after them at first, because going unarmed or unarmored is just as dangerous. The key is to go hunting after equipping yourself, but before they are too great of a threat. The most important are also the most robust, because these gigantones can surprise you with a rare weapon when they fall.

Apply logic to the last minutes

As in all good battle royale, the final minutes, when the circle is smaller, each move is riskier. So it's like a litmus test, an exam to see if you've equipped yourself well and know how to move and do things. When the end of the game approaches, you have to modify your way of playing a bit.

Entrench yourself in the best possible place. Going through open fields is becoming more and more risky, and if you control the doors and windows of a house (better than a small and closed place, no doubt) you will have a better chance of winning. Look less and use the gadgets that you have in your favor: fences, sensors, portable covers; everything you have is important. Remember that there is no better time to use your consumables, with special attention to those that improve your healing, perception of the environment and resistance.

Take a look at the map and surroundings, too: if you're in a corner of the map, enemies can only come from the widest area possible. If you have arrived far in advance, you will see the enemies heading towards you. Are you the one who "scratches" the most time? Suspicion of every house and stone. Do you hear footsteps on the lower level? Aim for the side of the ladder that corresponds to the back of the person climbing.

Increase your FPS (PC) rate

You know what happens with the most open games: the fluidity suffers every time you have to show a large site. And it is very annoying. Unless you are a handyman with the graphics settings (in which case you should jump straight to the next point) we leave you with a few tips that can help you maximize performance without putting everything on low.

  1. Close all the applications and windows that do not serve you to play, like the internet browser. This way you will allocate (almost) all the resources to the game itself.
  2. Run the program in full screen and at the native resolution of your screen (it is only recommended to use lower resolutions in windowed mode). Do you want to sacrifice pixels for frames? Instead of changing the resolution of the game to full screen, adjust the "resolution scale", preferably 85% and above, but not more than 100%.
  3. Turn off VSync and free up the maximum number of frames allowed completely, or close it at a cap slightly higher than your monitor's refresh rate. For example, if your screen is 60 Hz, it is better to "layer" the game at 70 fps than to activate VSync. If you want to avoid the effect of image tearing, it is best to get a monitor that has G-Sync (Nvidia) or FreeSync (AMD).
  4. Lowering the game graphics will improve fluidity, but not all parameters consume the same amount. It is important to experiment and find a balance between how good it looks and how it performs the game. For example, the quality of shadows and highlights almost always has a huge impact on fluency, so you can try lowering that first if you have performance issues. Reducing anti-aliasing (AA) and other post-processing effects like depth of field will also help you improve that frame counter.
  5. The number of options available when mounting a PC makes it extremely difficult to advise someone on its ideal configuration for gaming. We trust that you are able to determine for yourself which configuration options interest you the most. For example, on a fair graphics of video memory textures may be a problem, but they may not be on another 8 GB of VRAM. If you play in 4K, surely the 'anti-aliasing' is not as useful as another that plays 1080p. Do you have an 'ultrawide' monitor? You can now readjust that field of vision bar. And so with everything.

Mini-Tip Blitz!

  • The welcome sign at the nuketown entrance shows how many players are inside in real time. Check it out before entering, or let a fellow sniper keep track of enemies during your visit.
  • If you see a supplies plane, you can take him down with a rocket launcher and make the charge fall to the ground, so he fires when he gets close to you to get new items easily.
  • Don't be afraid to jump from a building, a helicopter or any other high place: you will always have your flight suit equipped, so you will not die from the fall. In fact, it's a great option for repositioning yourself when the going gets tough. However, there is fall damage, keep that in mind for mid-height jumps where the suit is not deployed.
  • The first aid kits heal 25 HP and are grouped 10 by 10 in inventory. Med Kits heal 50 HP and are grouped 5 by 5. Lastly, Trauma Kits cannot be stacked, but heal 200 HP each. Remember that unlike other battle royale games, here you can move while you heal.
  • Friendly fire is activated when playing with friends or strangers.
  • Unlike other modes, weapons lose effect the further you are from your opponent. This is known as "bullet drop"That's why sniper rifles are especially valuable in blackout. Equip them with different sights to suit every situation.
  • Do you see a blue beacon in the sky? What's underneath is a mystery box containing a random rare weapon. Be careful: she will be surrounded by zombies and smart players.
  • Unlock new playable characters completing missions found in supplies, zombies, or even other dead players.
  • You can store up to 20 items in a truck.
  • The sensor dart can be attached to anything. Attach it to an RC-XD and then move it by radio control to where you want to have a portable radar. Similarly, you can equip a Trophy system to your helicopter to deflect hostile rocket launchers.
  • Unlike PUBG, in Blackout no helmets. Aim for the head whenever you can and you will have a better chance of taking down your opponent.
  • He damage marker It also serves to identify other players who are wearing armor, so if you don't have one and shoot someone who does, you may have to run away - you're at a huge disadvantage head to head.
  • If you're playing a controller, you can turn off the requirement to hold down square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to pick things up off the ground, something that might make the task of looting entire locations much easier.
  • Equip or catch? When there is an accessory on the ground compatible with the weapon you are currently holding, the interface will display two options: "equip" and "take". Equip allows you to put it directly on your weapon without going through the inventory, and take it deposited in your pockets or backpack. Choose wisely and don't take everything at random.
  • Each weapon consumes a different type of ammo, like is logic. Check the inventory which consumes the one you have equipped, and try not to carry two weapons that use identical ammunition or you will quickly run out of resources.