What if Akira Toriyama designed a Zelda game?

The collaboration of two digital artists reimagines the Nintendo saga as a work of the creator of Dragon Ball.

To digital artist Emma Koch and illustrator Max G have created a nice version of Link, the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda, made according to the visual style of Akira Toriyama, the famous creator of the Dragon Ball Saga.

Koch has made the 3D modeling of the character based on Max G.'s original design, and once the animation rendering is completed, he has added a series of adjustments and effects to achieve an appearance as original as the one you can see in his Twitter post.

Without a doubt, many fans would be delighted to be able to enjoy an episode of the mythical Nintendo saga designed by Toriyama, but in the absence of such a dreamed project, they can enjoy the magnificent aspect that Dragon Quest XI S has for Nintendo Switch, Square's RPG Enix that uses designs by the great artist.