Xbox One X could be smaller, but also louder

Microsoft thinks people will be surprised at how quiet their new machine is.

The director of hardware development at Microsoft, Albert Penello, has spoken about the design of Xbox One X and, more specifically, about how quiet his new console is. "I think people are going to be impressed with the sound level."

He acknowledges that it could have been a smaller console, but at the cost of increasing its noise. "That's the other variable out there, and we don't want this console to be much louder than Xbox One S." Penello points out that when the machine is running at full speed, that is, when playing games at 4K and 60fps, "the noise will be a little louder", but in general, Xbox One X "is as quiet as an Xbox One S" .

This new console will go on sale on November 7 for $ 499.