Xbox One will allow you to use a keyboard

The case of the mouse is somewhat more difficult, although it is not ruled out to expand the number of models that are supported.

Microsoft continues to maintain its extraordinary pace of improvements and updates to Xbox One and, on this occasion, he has announced that the game console will have full keyboard support in the future.

He has made it public through a session at the meeting Build 2017, collected by the Digital Trends portal, and in which Andrew Parsons, executive of the North American company, has ensured that this type of device can be used in the game console without problems at a time yet to be determined.

He also wanted to refer to the possible use of mouse, and supported by the engineer James Yarrow, also from the manufacturer, declared that it is somewhat more difficult, and that in the first instance only some models would be compatible, but that in the future the list of these will be expanding.

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