Warner Bros boasts reservations with Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Preorders are above Batman: Arkham Knight and there are good sales expectations.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War It represents the largest investment for a single Warner Bros game to date, and even if we have the problems that microtransactions have had to penetrate with fans, the sales forecasts for the game are really good, according to SVP Olivier Wolff MCV UK medium.

“Our expectations are huge. Like top five or top ten”Explains Wolff. “We have never invested so much in a game and a marketing campaign, and we believe that we have the right product to attract the attention of a mass audience. We have high hopes. We are clear that it will be our game of the year, there is no doubt about it ”.

These hopes come from the hand of "quite strong" reserves, higher than those of Batman: Arkham Knight, which managed to distribute five million copies in a period of four months.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War arrives on October 10 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, although it will have technical improvements also on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Warner Bros will support the game with content for "at least" 18 months.