Cortana coming back? Hidden audio file in Halo Infinite trailer hints at return of AI

343 Industries confirms that it hid this message in the trailer for the game presented at E3 2019.

The Halo Infinite trailer presented during the past E3 2019 has a secret message hidden by the developers of 343 Industries, a audio file that could spell the return of Cortana for this new game.

The message was hidden in the Master Chief visor home interface featured in the trailer. And what looks like simple random lines of code are actually a QR code, which the Xepyal has been able to organize and decipher. By using this QR we play a sound file with a voice that is very similar to Cortada's saying: "This ... this is part of me. I don't know why. I don't know how ... But Iam'.

Another fan, named Greenskull, has overlaid this voice with the ending of the E3 trailer titled "Discover Hope", which shows the Master Chief walking towards a holographic projection and pulling the chip out of the back of his helmet, where the show is traditionally housed. by Cortana. Using the sound effects to synchronize the action on screen, it seems that the two pieces fit fairly good.

343 Industries has confirmed that this was the secret they had introduced in their trailer for the game, but not if this marks the return of Cortana or if it is simply an Easter egg. The wait until the launch of this game will be long, and we will have to remain attentive to new advances of this promising project to know exactly what awaits us in the greatest adventure of John-117 to date.