VRFC: First football video game for virtual reality announced

Virtual Reality Football Club is a title for PC and PS VR on PS4 that is posed in the first person.

The boys of Cherry pop games have announced their new project, a VRFC which is the first soccer video game that relies on the virtual reality for your sports proposal. Its full name, Virtual Reality Football Club, leaves no room for doubt.

We are talking about a title fundamentally oriented towards multiplayer, where it provides support for up to eight simultaneous users, and that is raised from a first-person perspective that aims to maximize the sensation of immersion with the ball.

With a commitment to fluidity as shown by its 90 frames per second and using Unreal Engine, the program allows us to dribble, pass, make tackles, head off and shoot at goal in its virtual recreation of the pitch.

At the moment Virtual Reality Football Club does not have a release date, but it will be released on PC and PS4 with PS VR support.