A fan designs a Batman PS5 that any fan would want at home

It fits perfectly with the design of the console.

With a lot of uncertainty still in regards to next-gen consoles, fans recreate themselves by offering custom designs for both PS5 and Xbox Series X that, although it seems difficult to see the light commercially, they serve to generate expectation among users. And also to give ideas to creatives of what the players want.

We have already put recreations of BossLogic, the artist who was commissioned to draw the Assassin's Creed Valhalla cover image live or who more recently imagined the Suicide Squad posters featuring the members of the Justice League. Another user known for his editing skills is XboxPope, who has designed his own version of PS5 starring Batman and you can see below how well it fits with the design of the console.

XboxPope has its Twitter timeline full of creations of all kinds of the most spectacular. both Xbox Series X and PS5, with designs inspired by different games like Fable or Spider-Man. It also has some assembly with the consoles decorated with the colors or shields of various soccer teams, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona or Liverpool.

The Batman PS5 takes on special importance considering that it is just around the corner the DC FanDome, in which we will know the first details of Suicide Squad to know once and for all what it will be about. There is also speculation about a possible announcement of Injustice 3 or the video game starring the Dark Knight set in the Court of Owls.

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