The Binding of Isaac, closer to its premiere on Nintendo Switch

Its new expansion will launch in spring 2017 on PS4, Xbox One "and one more console."

The editor behind the fantastic The Binding of Isaac has dropped that this challenging roguelike action adventure could debut on Nintendo Switch in spring 2017, coinciding with the launch of its new expansion, Afterbirth +, on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In a message posted on his official blog, Nicalis ensures that the game will reach "one more console", without specifying details about it. Then they clarify: "Sorry, but there is no version of PS Vita or Wii U".

It could also premiere in Nintendo 3DSBut in that case, the logical thing to do would have been to quote directly from the Big N notebook and not airdrop the launch on a completely new platform. Without further details or official confirmation, we just have to wait until January 13 to find out if The Binding of Isaac joins the Nintendo Switch game catalog.