Will CoD WWII have improvements on Xbox One X? It's in the hands of Activision

Microsoft ignores the rumor that Activision cannot release technically superior versions of its games on Xbox One X.

With over a hundred games announced to feature some kind of graphic improvement on Xbox One X, it's strange that the strongest titles in Activision just around the corner, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WWII, have not specified any kind of benefit on the new Microsoft console. Mike Ybarra, Xbox corporate vice president, comments on this with the Eurogamer portal in a lengthy interview following GamesCom.

With a rumor circulating in the networks about possible trade agreements between Sony and Activision that prevents the latter from publishing visually superior versions on other consoles, Ybarra prefers to ignore the issue: "I have no direct knowledge of that."

“We work with developers all the time. We agree with them on what they want to communicate and when they want to do it. We match dates with them, we offer help to optimize their games… we have an organizing group called the Advanced Technology Group that works with developers on Xbox One X ”explains Ybarra. “We agree with them on their ad schedules. I cannot comment anything on the possible limitations that they have ”.