Tencent creates a new studio in Los Angeles to work on triple A games for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The expansion of the Asian giant continues unstoppably with new video games and platforms.

Tencent continues to grow and expand. The Chinese giant has been recruiting talent for several months, such as the developers of Daemon X Machina or one of the veterans of Kojima Productions, to fully enter the current triple A market.

Now, the developers of PUBG MOBILE, LightSpeed ​​and Quantum Studio, announce the opening of a new studio in Los Angeles run by a former Rockstar Games veteran, Steve Martin. The main objective of this new study is to develop and publish AAA video games for next-generation consoles.

To carry out such a mission, Tencent Games has relied on highly regarded veterans of Sony VASG, Respawn Entertainment, 2K Games, Insomniac and the aforementioned Steve Martin from Rockstar. Additionally, it has also been announced that they are already working on a new open world triple A video game for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Martin, now head of the studio, claims to be very committed to implementing a "stress-free" work environment and a team that works on video games "of the highest caliber" promoting teamwork and creativity of its members.

The last thing we've seen from Tencent looked pretty good. Syn, the cyberpunk-style open-world shooter, recently showed us its first technical demonstration capturing the attention of Cyberpunk 2077 fans.