Star Wars: Squadrons is now 'Gold' and will hit stores on scheduled release date

EA Motive's game will not be delayed; those responsible confirm that the development of the game is over.

With the new generation around the corner, it is going a bit unnoticed that in the final stretch of the year more than interesting games will hit stores, such as Star Wars: Squadrons, the new game of EA Motive based on the popular intergalactic saga, which it's already gold. which means that it has finished its development and that it will arrive in stores on time.

With a fun tweet, Ian S. Frazier, the creative director of the project, has confirmed that his team has completed the creation of Star Wars Squadrons, saying that the game it was already "aurodium", a material typical of the Star Wars universe that is yellow and shiny like gold. A pun based on the universe created by George Lucas to make the good news official.

The game will expand the Star Wars universe with an adventure that takes place after Return of the Jedi, during the last days of the Galactic Empire and the birth of the New Republic. He proposes taking control of two pilots, one from each side and living the history of both from their points of view. All in front of ships in which we can take command of the space battles so often seen in the film saga.

The game will also come at a reduced price of 39.99 euros, with 10 hours of early access for EA Play users. It will arrive on October 2 at PS4, Xbox One and PC. Its Story Mode promises to be deep and the ships that we can pilot will be quite customizable and different from each other.