Spellbound, the newest from Chucklefish, offers new details

We will learn spells and brew potions in a great school of magic.

From Stardew Valley farms to living in a magic school! Chucklefish is working on the promising Spellbound, a video game that, in line with the classic farm life simulators, proposes us to become an apprentice magician in a great Magic School.

Spellbound does not forget any of the characteristic elements of the genre, proposing to forge our abilities as sorcerers while we attend class, we elaborate magic potions, we make friends with other people and practice a wide variety of magic spells. "Players will develop their mastery of magic by doing school projects," says studio founder Finn Brice, who hints that player actions can cause magical crops to grow or strange creatures to appear.

He assures that the video game is not inspired by the novels of Harry Potter, and clarifies that the world of Spellbound "is very different from Hogwarts", the school of magic portrayed in the books of J.K. Rowling. The magic in this universe, he says, "is more practical", using as reference the stories of Terry Pratchett, Steven Universe of Cartoon Network, or the animated films of Studio Ghibli among others.

Without going into too much detail, Brice says that attending class will be important to learning and improving new magical arts. Also relationships with other characters will play a fundamental role in Spellbound, which will present surprising situations that may have a little impact the first time we see them. Finally, from Chucklefish they note that the combat it will be a key piece in the action of the video game, with certain reminiscences of the classic Zelda, "with the casting of spells instead of swords, bows and bombs".

There is currently no specific release date for Spellbound.