About the reduced price of Bleeding Edge, the exclusive one for Xbox One and PC

The share title goes on sale at 29.99 euros and will have a physical edition for those who want to enjoy it like this.

Of all the nonsense that one reads on the internet, and there are plenty of them, believe me, the last one that has surprised me is that a video game is worse because it goes on sale at a reduced price. I know people who defend with such absurd sayings as "cheap is expensive”That one product is better than another simply because it is more expensive. And they are people who joyfully pull the proverb as if the sentences that compose it were absolute truths, when it is capable of containing at the same time concepts as disparate as "Who gets up early, God helps" and "Not by much getting up early, wakes up earlier ”. There are many reasons why it is logical that Bleeding Edge comes out at a reduced price, and I am going to tell you just a few of them.

There are still fans who want to have a library of games in physical format The first one is that it will be part of the Xbox Game Pass out, and it is a great incentive for the fan who does not yet have this service (or who wants physical copies ) the incentive of being able to get hold of it in a much cheaper way. Because yes, although you may not believe it, the scope of Game Pass is absolutely massive and growing, but there are still fans who, which Gallic village of Goscinny and Uderzo, they resist and want to have a library of games in physical or even digital format. Come on, they want to have games, and not services. It is not my case, any trace of the romanticism of the old cardboard boxes of the PC classics of the 80s and 90s, sadly forgotten; Today's disposable covers and covers are of no interest to me. But I'm glad that Microsoft continues with its policy of caring and treating any hobbyist profile well. Do you want services? You have a place on Xbox. Do you want physical games? You have a place on Xbox. Do you want digital games? You have a place on Xbox

And the other reason has to do with the fact that a game of its characteristics needs to have a large community and active and, of course, maintain it. And the best way to do this is to constantly nurture it with amateurs. With Game Pass you have a fantastic channel to achieve it, but if you also support it with people who are interested in other formats to get their games ... Better than better! The video game industry has changed, and we have to start to get rid of that way of thinking from the past where you have to make a lot of income at the beginning because then you lose the interest of people. To date, the launches, especially those that work in the Game as a Service code, have a very long life as many titles of these characteristics have shown. And Microsoft, aware of this and in a policy that it is employing more and more in hardware, services and software, does well to think about winning the mid-long term battle and not focus so much on the short.